Medication? Therapy? Both?

One of the most common questions that I receive regarding the treatment of children and adolescents is if/when to use psychotropic medication to treat emotional and behavior problems.  There is no simple answer to these questions as each individual case is unique.  Generally speaking, many psychological issues can be and have been treated successfully with psychotherapy alone.  For example, Clarke (2005) found that a therapeutic […]

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Swine Flu and Children

With the recent outbreak of the H1N1 Flu Virus, also known as the “Swine Flu,” I thought it may be helpful for parents to understand how to best talk to your children about this Swine Flu. Here are some brief tips: 1) Ask questions and correct any misconceptions (e.g. “I heard that 5 of my classmates got the Swine Flu by eating pork chops in […]

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Parent and School Relationships Can Improve Your Child’s Performance

In order to get your child the help that he/she requires, the first action a parent should take  is to develop a positive relationship with at least one educational professional that is not in the classroom full time.  In your mind, assign this person as your child’s “Case Manager.”  Often, this is a guidance counselor, assistant principal, or school nurse.  This individual will have already forged […]

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Teaching to the Test Anxiety

In the world of high stakes standardized testing, there are many victims.  School districts are forced to teach to the test to ensure enough students are proficient so they do not lose their precious funding.  Teachers are being stretched increasingly thin when they are asked to teach the curriculum, teach the test, nurture the whole child, and of course complete their paperwork.  Students are evaluated […]

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