Teaching to the Test Anxiety

In the world of high stakes standardized testing, there are many victims.  School districts are forced to teach to the test to ensure enough students are proficient so they do not lose their precious funding.  Teachers are being stretched increasingly thin when they are asked to teach the curriculum, teach the test, nurture the whole child, and of course complete their paperwork.  Students are evaluated and placed into classes based on the prior year’s test scores, which can place them on an academic track that does not maximize potential.  This creates a pervasive fog of anxiety that seeps through every stakeholder in the public school system.  In the coming days, I will be blogging about some recommendations that may help parents understand the different means of getting children the help that they need.  These recommendations are grounded in the idea that those who go into the field of public education do so because they have a genuine care for and take great pride in educating our children.  Of course, there are a few bad apples; however, disagreements with how an educational professional approaches his or her job should not be mistaken for a lack of concern for your son or daughter.

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