Parent and School Relationships Can Improve Your Child’s Performance

In order to get your child the help that he/she requires, the first action a parent should take  is to develop a positive relationship with at least one educational professional that is not in the classroom full time.  In your mind, assign this person as your child’s “Case Manager.”  Often, this is a guidance counselor, assistant principal, or school nurse.  This individual will have already forged relationships with your child’s teacher and may have specific expertise to consult with your child’s teacher in order to assist your child.

Chances are good that you have already received feedback at parent-teacher conferences about your child’s struggles.  Request a brainstorming meeting with those professionals that see your child everyday.  Develop an action plan based on these recommendations.  Make sure the educational professionals are accountable for recommendations that are developed.  Follow through on your side of the deal.  If you state that you will check your child’s homework every night and make sure it goes back into his or her book bag, it’s probably a good idea to follow through with that.  Establish a timeline to review the recommendations that were developed.

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