Psychotherapy and Your 401K

At first glance, psychotherapy and a 401K have very little in common. Though the stigma psychotherapy has lessened in recent years, it is a topic that most people are still not wholly comfortable talking about. Psychotherapy, as a whole, is still viewed as a process for only the mentally ill, socially maladjusted, or addicted. I prefer to view psychotherapy as an investment in your future, much like a 401K. When I explain this metaphor to my patients or potential patients, it helps them become more at ease with the idea of psychotherapy and increases their commitment to the process. Like a 401K retirement plan, one must carefully select with whom you work with. One should do some research on the internet, get referrals from friends or colleagues, and yes, even interview the prospective professional. One should also develop an “investment plan.” In psychotherapy, we call this a treatment plan with objective, achievable goals. Much like building up your nest egg, actualizing treatment goals can lead to a happier, more productive, and more successful future.

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